We work to create an outstanding social experience for members by curating our community into the Web3 destination of choice, maintaining a robust networking platform & cultivating collaboration opportunities.
Dead Kings: 100 animated 1/1 NFTs representing the pinnacle of DKS. Kings enjoy exclusive access to private channels within the Commonwealth, along with unique investment opportunities through Dead King Ventures.

Nobles: 300 non-animated 1/1 NFTs, the entry-level tier of DKS with immediate access. Nobles participate in most Commonwealth channels, engaging alongside Kings in active discussions. They also gain exposure to exclusive investment opportunities.
1.  Join an exceptional social community with founders, KOLs, crypto veterans, and traders.

2.  Access top Presale/WL/Token/venture opportunities on Solana and other growing chains.

3.  Fast-track your network with industry leaders.

4.  Stay updated on market insights, events, and educational materials driving the industry daily.