The Dead King Society

We work to create an outstanding social experience for members by curating our community into the Web3 destination of choice, maintaining a robust networking platform & cultivating collaboration opportunities

The Kings Ethos


Preserve & protect everything that makes the Commonwealth an exceptional web3 community

Recognize member achievements, celebrate victories

Seek knowledge to continuously develop ourselves and members of our community

Avoid allowing peer pressure to overwhelm reason

Sacred Commonwealth


Respect and honor each of our members

Discourage dishonesty and intimidation

Avoid controversy

Uphold and promote our values to the web3 community at large

Hallowed Actions


Practice and encourage active participation in our community

Inspire the success of others on the path to securing our own

Cultivate and foster noble behavior

Discourage exploitation of others for individual benefit

Royal Leadership


Safeguard our discussions from ignorance, prejudice or unsavory remarks about the Commonwealth, its members and the web3 community at large

Avoid rumor and innuendo aimed at manipulating or dividing our community

Practice patience and understanding in times of conflict or duress

Seek to respond, rather than react

Enlightened Communication


Encourage intelligent risk taking with solid exit strategies

Observe and identify warning signs of scams / rugs

Utilize cold storage to protect digital assets

Practice high security standards to prevent hacks and safeguard our community

Champion Prosperity

The Pillars

Dead King Society’s (DKS) foremost purpose is to execute on its mission of delivering an outstanding social experience to its members by curating the Commonwealth into a web3 destination of choice, maintaining a robust networking platform and cultivating collaboration opportunities. The DKS Council spends considerable time uncovering, researching and testing what underpins the most successful and relevant web3 ventures in the industry because DKS must ultimately align itself as a web3 venture platform, in order to consistently achieve its stated mission. In other words, NFTs alone cannot provide Dead King Society with the necessary means to reach its full web3 potential. NFTs are merely tools to assist members in achieving their core purpose within DKS and not the foundation from which to build an existence. Therefore, the DKS Council has devised “The Pillars'' that will serve as the tactical guideposts for leadership and hodlers to rally around to help make the broader vision a reality.

1: Content Creation

The foundation of any NFT project heavily relies on the quality and desirability of its PFP collection. These features are directly evidenced through the connection and attachment to the PFP artwork discussed in every community, on all blockchains. Accordingly, the DKS Council spends a considerable amount of time researching, surveying and analyzing many aspects of the art generation process to develop first-class, highly-desirable collections we think will foster sustainable connection and engagement between the project, its hodlers and the broader NFT ecosystem. The DKS Council intends to push the boundaries of what NFT ecosystem participants accept as standard for PFP collections and their engagement with them.

DKS Content Creation:

Collection Art

  1. Dead Kings:
    100 total animated 1/1 NFTs that represent the leadership ranks of DKS
  2. Nobles:
    300 total non-animated NFTs designed to represent the nobility class rank of DKS
  3. Attributes:
    Designed to showcase alignment amongst Kings and Nobles art collections but distinct enough to let each collection stand on its own merits without detracting from each other

Internal Media

  1. Continuous review of PFP Collection Art for avenues to sustain and potentially enhance hodler experience
  2. Optimize Discord chats for premium user experience through efficient chat organization, information delivery methods and opportunities for user feedback
  3. Upgrading internal communication media with lore-driven, exciting content formats
  4. Continuously seek improvement methods to host our community (New Discord features? Discord alternatives? Discord connectivity to external media sources?)

External Media

  1. Launch and sustain a revitalized Dead King Society website for external parties to access and learn more about the project and its members.
  2. Review current and future engagement platforms (Twitter, Discord, Subber, DKS Website, etc.) to continuously improve on content delivery, media and engagement methods
  3. Promote the DKS platform through various digital and IRL engagement activities
  4. Monitor all secondary marketplaces for opportunities to add our collection, bring attention to our community and align the interests of the project owners and the community

Supported Community Content Creation

1/1 Artist Community

  1. Foster and support growth of the internal 1/1 hodler enthusiasts within the DKS community
  2. Position DKS to support bridging the gap of 1/1 art collection and broader NFT collection experiences
  3. Establish bilateral relationships with existing and future artists to beneficially promote each other’s projects
  4. Seek opportunities to directly support 1/1 artists and collections through hosting events, internal Discord discussions and participating in future auctions and edition mints

Project PFP Art Generation 

  1. Establish connections with existing artists and collectives specializing in generative art creation to connect them with new project opportunities that the DKS community is advising or operating
  2. Keep up with current trends (meta) to validate DKS’ credentials in the artistic community 
  3. Support budding artists seeking opportunities to enter the space and create new collections
  4. Seek opportunities to share ideas and content with other artists to improve deliverables to project owners

Commonwealth Artists Guild

  1. Prioritize support for our community members directly participating in either (a) or (b) above
  2. Seek guidance from our community members to develop meaningful avenues to enhance the internal DKS art community experience
  3. Continue to foster the internal development of the “Commonwealth Artists Guild” through the individual contributions of our hodlers to make it as close to an artistic activity hub as possible

2: Social Experience

Since Dead King Society’s founding, the DKS Council has devoted considerable time and effort to understanding not only the key success factors of major projects, but also what gives them sustainability.  The answer lies at the intersection of these two endeavors and translates into the social experience provided by a project through its community curation and engagement.  The most successful projects seek to maximize hodler engagement through multiple channels that ultimately provide a sense of belonging, connection and significance for the individuals in its community.  In other words, an NFT project must provide sustainable, long-lasting reasons for any hodler to value staying connected with the community; otherwise, finding a new project to occupy their time is simply a transaction away.

Community Curation

The DKS Council continues to reinforce on a daily basis that the quality of community is paramount to sustaining long-term success for our project.  Since its founding, leadership has sought to invite select members of the Solana and ETH communities that represent a diverse spectrum of active, intelligent and motivated individuals throughout the broader NFT ecosystem.  In addition, the actions of our community at large have also made a lasting impact due to recruiting new members via word-of-mouth marketing and recommendations.  The DKS Council planted the seeds, and the community has nurtured it with care to make it grow.  Furthermore, since the Dead King collection launch, our project continued to add thought leaders, ecosystem contributors, project founders, consultants and investors aiming to take a leadership role within the Dead King platform.  The DKS Council remains very confident our Commonwealth represents one of the finest communities on Solana and will continue to remain so for the foreseeable future.

PFP Representation

As mentioned previously in the Art pillar, PFP artwork is another core feature of any NFT collection that drives sustainability within community engagement.  The DKS Council is supremely focused on this factor and will consistently work to provide opportunities for its hodlers to have an engaging experience over time with his/her PFP.  The founders believe this approach will be a refreshing outlook on PFP artwork, ownership and representation to the broader NFT ecosystem.

IRL Event Representation

The DKS Council also firmly believes that over time it will be exceptionally important to seek opportunities for the Dead King brand representation to grow beyond the limits of its Discord medium.  This mantra is universally applicable across all projects on all chains, and the DKS founders see this project no differently.  Over time, leadership will be focused on finding meaningful conferences, local meetups or online engagement events to rep the Dead King Society.  The ultimate goal is to have our willing Commonwealth members establish real connections amongst each other to further reinforce the engagement and significance of what it means to be a Dead King Society member.

Merchandise / Swag

The DKS founders will also seek to provide our Commonwealth members with opportunities to acquire curated merchandise, memorabilia and other tokens of remembrance that will work to establish connection and significance to the Dead King Society project.  These physical goods will take time and consultation with the Commonwealth members to determine what resonates most with our members and would be fulfilling in terms of demand for such products.  To be clear, the goal is not to shill unwanted or unnecessary products on the community, nor to necessarily turn a profit with these activities.  The DKS leadership sincerely wants the opportunity to create meaningful, engaging content for the community to feel a tangible expression for owning a DKS NFT.

3: Trading

Dead King Society would be a shadow of the project it is today without continuous dedication to becoming one of the most active NFT / Crypto trading hubs in Solana.  The pathways to this destination are numerous, but they all point back to the same thing: the DKS Council seeks to leverage its position within the Solana community to drive tangible value back to its hodlers through active participation in the NFT and Crypto markets.  Our Commonwealth will always benefit to the fullest extent possible from whatever opportunities the DKS Council can provide to our hodlers.  While nothing is ever guaranteed, the DKS Council feels exceptionally confident that over the long haul and through various market cycles the Commonwealth will continue to be a place for all participants to benefit from their investment in Dead King Society.

Market Intelligence

Commonwealth Grounds

A 24/7 open discussion on all things crypto and NFTs that is second to none; hear from project owners, top traders, whales, newcomers and the DKS Council in a dynamic and active environment every single day


Dedicated contributors scouring external information sources and leveraging personal connections for opportunities to get in early on potential positive price action in the short/medium/long term


Latest, up-to-date information on very time-sensitive trading opportunities or protective measures to be taken to avoid fraudulent activities (rugs, scam links, wallet drainers, etc.)


Spearheaded by well-respected TA experts from our community providing outstanding technical analysis of BTC / ETH / SOL and other opportunistic trading patterns for our community to use at their disposal

Cross-chain Opportunities


As the Solana NFT market developed and participants entered the space, Whitelisting became the norm for essentially granting guaranteed mint allocations to up-and-coming projects.  The DKS Council has exceptional relationships, connections within the space and a solid, growing reputation among project owners and developers.  Therefore, as our Commonwealth receives generous whitelist allocations from these projects we will distribute them through giveaways, raffles or through activity-driven contests


As DKS’ reputation has grown and the quality of our community increased, projects have also recognized the Commonwealth as a concentrated hub of active NFT enthusiasts seeking opportunities for larger allocations than what normally is afforded to communities through the whitelist process.  The DKS Council has established an investment committee to receive, evaluate and deliver opportunities within the Commonwealth, primarily to the Dead Kings and oftentimes extended to our Nobles


Solana is the core blockchain community the Dead King Society will remain affiliated with, yet the market continues to support future development of other blockchain technologies over time.  The DKS Council’s successful efforts within Solana are a natural extension to these other blockchains, so our leadership will continue to apply these same efforts in a prudent and careful manner to create future tangible opportunities for our hodlers. We have established the Dead King Society to have it’s core focus on Solana, and we look forward to building our presence to varying extents on the following blockchains:

  1. Ethereum: ETH provides a more mature investing environment for NFTs, as it has been around longer and supports more volume. Dead King Society will continue looking to grow some exposure on this end, as it is important to get involved in the more notable ETH drops. It is a much less active ecosystem, so we can look to participate on a more passive basis
  2. Aptos: The Dead King Society will always keep an open mind when it comes to new block chain launches. We have built a network on Aptos and we will continue to monitor new developments.
  3. SUI:  The Dead King Society has already been expanding its roots to the SUI ecosystem. We are actively looking for new projects to get involved with, whether that be strategic partnerships or simple whitelist/presale opportunities. 

4: Tech & Beyond

Dead King Society is pursuing tech development opportunities that drive progress in our ecosystem and serve our holders and the greater NFT / Crypto community-at-large to further position itself as a web3 venture platform. To truly progress web3 forward, the ecosystem must create and sustain products and services fixated on outside use cases that are not simply NFT-centric.

This perspective is often overlooked for the folly of turning fast money through hype, speculation and outright fraud as market participants remain blinded by the fantasy of achieving generational wealth overnight. As such, the DKS Council is resolved to work against this narrative and pursue tech development opportunities to build our reputation as a champion for a sustainable web3 future one brick at a time.
The DKS Council consistently seeks to build relationships with other highly talented and motivated individuals leading the charge for their projects with an eye towards pursuing cross-chain opportunities, as they arise. DKS has proven time and again its capability of connecting early and often with new opportunities to drive value to our holders and offer assistance as an outside 3rd party to the project founders.

Ultimately, we must work tirelessly to build out that which we seek: a robust, efficient and diverse web3 platform of the future.DKS currently employs three developers focused on creating tech infrastructure for the benefit of the broader web3 ecosystem and our community. Below is a compilation of the tech development opportunities that are a direct result of DKS founders’ endeavors to build for the future.

DKS NFT Software

Trove is a business management platform for NFT projects. Currently, projects do not have an adequate toolkit to manage operations & finances. Trove will equip founders with the proper tools to manage the following core business tenets: payroll, expense monitoring, capital management and security.

Auction House
An in-house auction service with standard capabilities that works adequately well with a customized DKS aesthetic. A total of twelve Dead King auctions were launched with flawless execution.

DKS Advisory / Consultation

The Dead King Society places a significant focus on creating mutually beneficial relationships with any project with which it collaborates. As a community with considerable NFT experience, we seek to offer guidance and host conversations with aspiring NFT projects. Since its founding, DKS leadership has advised, technically assisted and provided meaningful feedback to numerous NFT projects and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.