The Sneaker King

The Nikes on my feet keep my cypher complete.
As somebody with roughly 10 years of experience working on wall street, I have always been fascinated by decentralized finance and its potential to materially disrupt the traditional economic system. Currently working as a fixed-income analyst, covering some of the least speculative areas of our traditional financial system, individuals at my firm often joke that I am working in the completely wrong department. Anyways, I began dipping my toes into crypto during the 2017 market rally, experiencing both the best of times and the worst of times in 2018/2019. As I continued my journey, I met more individuals who shared the same interests, and I eventually ventured into the NFT rabbit hole. NBATopShot was the gateway drug, followed by Ethereum, and lastly Solana... Which has brought me here to the Kings today. Excited for what lies ahead, and forever grateful to have found this awesome community!
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The Nobles

Sworn to serve each Dead King is a troupe of three nobles.