The Primal King

No humanity here. Just death.
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GM Degens, I'm Niko (uNEEK) and I have had a wild ride in this space and met some amazing individuals during my ventures. 🌹 I was an Aerospace Engineer who worked on Genesis Development Jet Engine Builds that are secure to the public. My experience with project management, innovation, engineering product/solutions and being an Architect of Operations have transitioned seamlessly into Web3. I have since worked with numerous projects over the past two years full time after quitting my job to allow more of my day dedicated to the future of Web3. Some of these projects include: Galactic Geckos Chillchat (Rebranding) Nekozuma Enigma Ventures MonkeDAO I then co-founded a company with two others called Studio9 of which we are building The Nucleus which is a protocol level solution to the "issues" you see being talked about along with many of the other currently unaddressed pieces that need to be fixed before we see mass adoption! That about covers it, but it is hard to get everything into one intro. I still have WAGMI vibes and fully believe we are EARLY TO BUILD. Keep an eye out for PANGEA, this is a revolutionary build that will be live Mid to Late February 2023. THE TLDR SHOW is my latest endeavor linked below 👑