The Luchador King

Some say life is suffering. But I, as a luchador, choose to to see life as wrestling.
Co-leader of a private investment firm with more than a billion dollars of assets under management - Currently serve on boards of companies in industries spanning from finance to professional services to consumer products - Practiced law for more than a decade with an emphasis on business and commercial litigation - Previously served as C.E.O. of a hedge fund which providing debt capital to microfinance institutions globally. - Active in community service, currently working with a non-profit focused on providing clean water in developing countries - Early to BTC and web3 with an interest in investing in (and advising) the builders, creators and artists of web3 - Some say life is suffering; as Luchador King I say life is about finding the courage to step into the ring. Let's wrestle!
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The Nobles

Sworn to serve each Dead King is a troupe of three nobles.