The Atomic King

Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.
When not immersed in Web 3, I spend my time working for an Oil and Gas Supermajor, focused in Consulting and Operations. This happens to afford me a fair amount of free time, which I prefer to spend the bulk of in Web3 communities, seeking out relationships and opportunites for investment, after falling in love with the space in August of 2021. Aside from my career and Web3, I am married to a beautiful wife and we have a perfect 4 year old son. I've always been a huge fitness geek, growing up a gym rat, but turned into an endurance junkie about 5 years ago, specifically running and marathoning. I'm extremely grateful to have found the Dead King Society, as I truly don't know if I would still be around the NFT space if not for DKS, especially during the bear market. I truly believe there is no better place to spend valuable time than amongst Kings and Nobles. Long live the Kings!
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The Nobles

Sworn to serve each Dead King is a troupe of three nobles.